Giuliano Tosi was born in Murano in 1950. He began working in a glass studio as a young teenager and has now achieved the level of master glassblower. Over the years he worked in several different studios until he opened his own in 1978 called LIP. Here he is the "primo maestro." Tosi's work has a modern sensibility, strong colors and forms. His sculptures have been included in shows in many European countries as well as the U.S.A

The Tosi Furnace is an amazing source for pieces with elegant forms and coloration that never runs dry and which perpetrates the crafts tradition of Murano. Maestro Tosi enriches and renews his various collections through his own personal style. Clear, precise choices of color caress and highlight the pure forms which are made by hand using refined techniques: the movement of volumes and the plays of color set no limits to the fantasy of the artist. The little imperfections bear witness to the old-fashioned values of the style of working the glass and stress the unique nature of each item and the respect for the oldest technical traditions of glassmaking