Most of work may be found in museums and important art galleries...and they continue to collaborate with well-renowned artists such as Lindstrom, Robert Zeppel-Sperl, Martin Bradley, Elvira Bach, Reinhoud, Luigi Benzoni, Juan Ripolles, Paolo Valle, Koen Vanmechelen, Shan Shan Shengs, Paul Attersee, Fotis, Coignard, GLASS MASTER SILVANO SIGNORETTO 

Silvano SIgnoretto The Signoretto family is world-renowned, having created marvelous glass sculptures for the last 40 years.
The graphic sign that you see under each piece, “S. Signoretto” is the actual signature of the artist Maestro Silvano Signoretto who uses a particular diamond wheel point to handwrite it under each and every piece that is made by him. This is your guarantee that the objects you’ve acquired are created using the ancient techniques of 100% hand glass making and guarantees the genuineness and the singleness of the Art Piece using the centuries old tradition that is perpetuated, by Maestros like Silvano Signoretto, in Murano, Italy. These “Objet d’Art” are hence mouth blown and hand made entirely.

The principal components of glass are silica sand, soda, potassium which, joined to other particular matters and oxides, fuse and become glass at a temperature of around 2.500 Fahrenheit. From the incandescent magma, blown and forged by expert hands, the world famous and renowned Murano glass objects are born.

In the specific case of Signoretto we are in front of one of the greatest exponent of the “mano volante” , (literally “flying hand”), technique; from a mass of incandescent magma he “sculpts” with glass makers tools his figures, with no possibility of mistake; with a lump of fusing glass that must be finished at once, timing and precision are essential. If we add to all this the creativity, the imagination and the dedication that Silvano Signoretto has given to “his” glass we find one of the finest glass masters in history.

Silvano Signoretto has worked and still works with many exponents of 
contemporary art from all over the world such as; Ernest Fuschs, Steve Tobin, Ginny Ruffner, Peter Shire, Fulvio Bianconi, Scarpa, James Coignard, Ernest Bilgreen, Berit Johansson and dozens of others.

Silvano Signoretto is, in actual fact, a sculptor of glass above all else, an artist who manipulates glass paste with rare strength and skill. Entering his world, by visiting a showroom or a gallery that exhibits his pieces, is like entering in a brilliant glass menagerie, in which the immobile figures of horses, birds, human beings and heads seem to have vital forces that are seeking to escape from the glass masses in which they are imprisoned.

Signoretto, who trained at the school of an unforgotten master, the Great Barbini, is now a Master himself. He attempts everything in glass because, he says, “A master must be capable of making anything”. His production is variegated and even unusual sometimes as he lets his mind drift into his dream and those dreams become the Art which is shared and admired with the world