Pino Signoretto
Born September 28, 1944 in Favaro Veneto.

1954 He worked for a muranese glass chandelier souvenir manufacturer. 1959
Apprenticeship with master glassblower Alfredo Barbini and works with the master Livio Seguso, Ermanno Nason, and Angelo Seguso.
He has the title of master glassblower.
Worked in factory, to get full technical knowledge of glass.
Signoretto open his own furnace showroom in Murano.
He collaborates with artists and architects, Dalì, Licata, Dal Pezzo, Vitali, Pomodoro, Willson.
Signoretto makes the first of a long series of trips to Japan.
He participates in a demostration for the japanese imperial family.
Exhibition at Museo dell'Arte Veneziana in Otaru Japan.
Works for Dale Chihuly - Seattle U.S.A.
Teachs at the Pilchuch School of Glass - Seattle U.S.A.
Signoretto axecutes the trophies for various international sporting events, including the European Basketball - Paris France and for N.B.A. - U.S.A.
Teachs at Tulane University - U.S.A.
Teachs at Aomori Otaru - Giappone.
Teachs at Toyama School of Glass - U.S.A.
Teachs at Pilchuck School of Glass Seattle - U.S.A.
Excutes a series of pieces for Jeff Koons exhibition at Sonnabend Gallery New York - U.S.A.
Teachs at Rochester Institute of Technology, Massachussetts College of Art - U.S.A
Demonstration, G.A.S. Conference in Corning New York - U.S.A.
Teachs at Pilchuck School of Glass Seattle - U.S.A.
Signoretto Executes a series of sculptures for Jan Vercruysse - exhibition at Castello di Rivoli Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Rivoli - Torino Italy.
Works with Elisabeth Murray, Kiki Smih and Raimund Kummer.
Teachs at Pilchuck School of Seattle U.S.A.
He designs and executes a series of 12 fountains for Hotel American Gei Ken - Japan.
Teachs at Experimental Glass Workshop - U.S.A.
Demostrations Massachusetts College of Art - U.S.A.
Teachs at Pilchuck School of Glass Seattle - U.S.A.
Conference at G.A.S. Conference Oakland - U.S.A.
Teachs at New Orleans School of Glasswork - U.S.A.
Exhibition at Gallerie Differences Parigi - Francia.
Teachs at Pilchuck School of Glass Seattle - U.S.A.
He exhibits at Sandra Ainsley Gallery Toronto - Canada.
Signoretto exhibits at Chiristy Taylor Galleries Florida - U.S.A.
He exhibits at Galleria San Nicolò - Venive - Italy.
He participates at C.C.I.A.A. of Venice exhibition l'Art di verre a Murano au XXemme siecle Paris Passage de Retz - Francia.
He partecipates in exhibition Maestri Maestri vetrai creatori di Murano del '900 Comacchio - Ferrara - Italy.
He partecipates in exhibition for United Foundation for AIDS Godparent House Florida - U.S.A.
Pino, during his teaching stage at Pilchuck School of Glass partecipates to built a house in glass.
He designs and executes some door-handl, exhibitis at Pull of Beauty - Storefront for Art and Architecture New York - U.S.A.
Signoretto works with Martin Bradley at the glass chess-set.
He executes The boodygarden series of sculptures for Mariagrazia Rosin - Kunstmuseum Dùsseldorf im Eherenhof - Germania.
He Designs and executes some animals, exhibits at Portia Gallery di Chicago - U.S.A.
Works with painter Eulisse and professor Gaspari.
He designs and executes some insects exhibition at Korpus II nel Kremlino di Mosca - Russia.
He works with Raimund Kummer e G. Kruft.
He executes some sculpures for Jan Vercruysse exhibition at:
- Brooke Alexander - New York - U.S.A.
- Kunsthalle Bern - Berna - Svizzera.
- Castello di Rivoli Museo d'Arte Contemporanea - Rivoli (TO).
- Studio per l'Arte Contemporanea E. Di Grazia - Torre Pellice (TO).
He executes a large chandelier with Dale Chihuly and Lino Tagliapietra.
He executes some clear animals for Kiki Smith exhibition at La Pace Gallery - New York.
He executes some sculptures with Marc Quinn, exhibition at Withe Cube - Londra.
He designs and executes some animals with Portia Gallery - Chicago U.S.A., exhibition at Sofa-Miami 1996.
He executes some sculptures with Marc Quinn.
He works with Martin Bradley.
He executes some fish in glass for Dale Chichuly.
He works for Timo Sarpaneva.
He designs and executes some animals with Portia Gallery Chicago - U.S.A.; exhibition at Sofa-Miami 1997.
Pino makes a Pantheon in glass done by eight pillars, two meters high, and fountain in the middle.

Il Legno in Vetro (Wood in glass) with the collaboration of LIVIO DE MARCHI - Venice.
Teaches at the Penland School of Crafts, Penland North Carolina - U.S.A.
Completes the sculpture "OHM" for the Hindu Temple, Cincinnati - U.S.A.
Creates a house completely in glass located amongst the woods of the Swiss Alps.
Exhibits some sculptures at the exhibition Dalì & Murano Artists at the San Marco Museum - Venice.
Continues the collaboration with the Portia Gallery Chicago - U.S.A. and with the artists CHIHULY, KUMMER and
2001 - Pino teaches at the Venice "Accademia delle Belle Arti".
Creates 700 snowballs exhibited at the De Pury & Luxembourg Gallery, Zürich - Switzerland. Teaches at the Esashi Glass Work Shop - Japan. Teaches at the San Servolo International Glass Workshops on l'isola di S. Servolo Venice - Italy.
Pino opens his new workshop in F.ta Serenella 3 Murano Venice - Italy.
Creates some sculptures, for the furnishings industry OAK di Cantù - Italy, destined for a Saudi Palace.
Continues collaborations with CHIHULY AND KUMMER.
2002 - two sculptures at the Habitat Gallery - U.S.A.
Teaches for the second consecutive year at the Venice "Accademia delle Belle Arti".
Participates at the Amsterdam GAS Conference - Netherlands. Teaches at the Esashi San Servolo International Glass Workshops - Japan.
Receives the award "Gallo d'oro di Murano" as Muranese personality of the year.
2003 - Creates a clothes rack, inclusive of several items of clothing made entirely out of glass, displayed at the Housang Rachtian Gallery in Venice.
Makes a pig out of glass and gold leaf, as the fourth place award at the 2003 Regata Storica di Venezia.
Participates as a lecturer at the GAS Conference - Seattle U.S.A.
Creates a series of chandeliers based on marine life, shown at the Caffè Florian in Venice, in collaboration with MARIA GRAZIA ROSIN.
Creates a series of 100 "fantastic" shoes for the Japanese designer HIROKO UEKI, that were the subject of an exhibition tour throughout Japan.
Continues to be the primary glass master and maker for the ideas of many artists including: DALE CHIHULY, ALDO MONDINO, SANDRO CHIA, INGE MANZÙ, ANNE AND PATRICK POIRIER, RAIMUND KUMMER, MARC QUINN, MANOLO VALDÉS, JAN VERCRUYSSE.
Teaches at the San Servolo International Glass Workshops on the island of San Servolo Venice, Italy.
Creates two Lions of San Marco in glass and gold leaf, to be awarded to the ballerina Carla Fracci and the architect Renzo Piano for the prize "Una vita per la musica 2003".
Creates a glass phoenix to be given to the President of the Republic, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, for the opening of the new Gran Teatro La Fenice.
2004 - Participates as the supervising Maestro and maker in the 'Le Ali di Venezia' project, which consisted in two 15-meter metal and glass wings to be positioned on the water in front of the ancient customs house of the Serenissima.
He is contacted to be the consultant and creator of a future bridge to be made completely out of glass in Japan.
Creates two glass eyes 3 meters long for artist RAIMUND KUMMER.
Makes a glass Madonna for the inauguration of the ecological Park of San Giuliano - Venice.
Creates the glass prizes for the "Gran Galà del Ciclismo", awarded to the cyclist Damiano Cunego, winner of the Giro d'Italia 2004.
He continues to supply the Lions of San Marco in glass and gold leaf for the award "Una vita per la musica"
Makes a solid glass figure of Christ approximately 170 cm tall, installed in the Duomo di Montevarchi - Italy.
Makes a series of glass sculptures for American artist RICHARD LEE BIRT.
Makes a series of glass sculptures shown at the Glass Museum of the Nagoya Port Italian Village, Nagoya - Japan.
He is invited as a special guest to the Corning Museum of Glass, in Corning NY, and creates glass sculptures in front of an audience of approximately 5,000 people.
2005 - Makes 25 pigeons in glass for the Dutch artist MARIA ROOSEN shown at the National Library of Brussels - Belgium
Beside various sculptures he creates a series of Clowns of 150 cm hight
Continues his collaboration with various artists as DALE CHIHULY, JAN VERCRUYSSE, HIROKO UEKI, KIMIKO YOSHIDA, RICHARD BIRT, MARC QUINN.

Pino Signoretto has been a leading figure in Murano for over twenty years. Signoretto trained in the school of the great master Barbini and with other masters such as Livio Seguso, Ermanno Nason, Angelo Seguso. He has become Master himself in 1960, acquiring a perfect knowledge of glass working techniques. He worked together with several famous artists and architects such as Dalì, Vedova, Licata, Kruft and Pomodoro and, from 1990 to 2000, he has realized an extensive series of sculptures shown in many exibitions worldwide and he touch more than once in the United States. As a portraitist, nature lover and figurative artist, he has worked in many naterials, but remains committed to glass, which he calls "the love of my life".
Signoretto sets the tone for a naturalistic approach to glas-sworking while emphasizing team dynamics. Extensive individual instruction will be offered to develop manual dexterity in working with the plasticity of molten glass.
Lessons will focus on building up sculptures from the core to the surface and introduce advanced tech-niques for figurative or abstract works.